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Useful Tips for Spring 2016!

Spring is here! It’s warming up in Oregon, and the temperature even reached the 80s for a few days before the rain began again. With spring comes the ability to flaunt your gorgeous skin and body, and we’re here to ensure that your look is ready for the changing seasons.


momdaughterMother’s day is approaching and is less than a month away. Here’s what we have to say about that, because moms and rejuvenating spa days go together just perfectly. Why not treat your mom (and yourself!) to an amazing, revitalizing care package? We have a few specials just for this holiday:


  • ClearLift and MicroPixel package. 3 sessions ONLY $500! (Save over $2500!)
    For the first time ever, we are combining the ClearLift treatment with MicroPixel at a price that you won’t beat anywhere else! ClearLift is a painless, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the skin on the face. MicroPixel is a step up from microdermabrasion – giving the skin a refreshed, smoother, softer feel and appearance! Mom will love how fresh her skin looks and feels after this amazing gift.
  • Epionce Skincare Package. UltraShield SPF50 + Medical Barrier Cream + Enriched Firming Mask $75 (Save $25!)
    Epionce is a premier, medical-grade skincare line that is well loved. Moms love this combination of products: Enriched firming mask smells amazing and feels even better. It can be used to hydrate dry skin, soothe irritation and firm! Medical barrier cream is a non-scented, extreme hydrator! It is great for all over, especially tired feet! Lastly, the SPF50 keeps skin protected from UV rays without irritating or feeling greasy.


Spring is also a great time to make additions to your makeup collection. This season is going to be ripe with bold color choices! Neutral makeup is out, but red lips are very in. Colorful eye makeup is popular, so don’t be afraid to update that 80s blue eye shadow staple with some modern technique. Bronzer is also in, and it’s a great way to add a more defined skin color to those of us who are fervent fans of sunscreen. This sounds flashy and daring, but spring is the best time of the year to make a fresh start and to experiment with your look!


Don’t forget that the advent of spring and warmer weather comes with some responsibility to your skin as well. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and properly so. An easy way to prevent skin cancer is to use sunscreen on every area where your skin is exposed. Wearing UV-resistant clothing and headwear is also helpful. For more information on how to properly use sunscreen, visit our past blog on Sunscreen 101. Also, don’t forget to drink water! With warmer weather generally comes a higher rate of physical activity as people get outside to hike, visit farmers markets, and take vacations. Drinking water not only keeps your body hydrated, but your skin as well. Stay fresh!


We always welcome questions and inquiries into our services. To set up a consultation, please contact us and we can arrange a visit at our Hillsboro or Tillamook locations. Have a beautiful spring!



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