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Melasma Package

Cascade Medical Boutique: A leader in melasma treatment!

Individual results may vary*

Pixel Perfect

The Melasma Package includes our amazing Pixel Perfect treatments, which bypasses the surface of your skin to target the dermis, resulting in a rejuvenation that works from the underneath up, affecting blotchy or discolored skin. It’s quick and yields results that continue to delight our patients.


Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is a nonsurgical treatment that uses pulsed light to diminish discoloration, irregular pigmentation, lesions, and other skin conditions, and is an important part of our Melasma Package. This effective therapy works by pinpointing problem areas without damaging the surrounding tissue, eliminating the need for drugs and the annoyance of dealing with undesirable side effects.

Chemical Peels

Cascade Medical Boutique’s chemical peels help with the restoration of an evenly colored complexion. This treatment rounds out our Melasma Package, rejuvenating the skin and decreasing the appearance of melasma. Chemical peels are less invasive than other restorative procedures, removing only the damaged top layer of your skin.

About Melasma

beforemelasma21Melasma is a common skin problem which causes brown patches of discoloration on the face, forearms, chest, and neck. Melasma does not cause any harmful medical side effects, but many people dislike the way it makes their skin look. A dermatologist can diagnose melasma by sight or by using an ultraviolet lamp to detect color changes. The causes of this condition range from sun exposure, to hormonal changes, to the use of certain medications. Women are much more likely to experience melasma than men, at a staggering difference—only about 10% of melasma sufferers are men. People with darker skin or who have blood relatives with melasma are also more prone to developing the condition.

For more information, and to start your Melasma Package, call to set up your appointment today.Disclaimer: individual treatment plans vary and results will vary.



How to Prevent Melasmaipixel_before_afters_3

Although it is very treatable, there is no guaranteed way to prevent melasma, but steps can be taken to manage the condition. The most important step is to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen daily, even in poor weather. Your sunscreen should have broad-spectrum protection, zinc or titanium oxide, and an SPF of at least 15 in order to be the most effective. If you are undergoing treatment for your melasma, be sure to follow the directions specified by your skincare professional in order to attain the best results.


Treating Melasma

While melasma can fade on its own, too often it proves stubborn. For melasma that sticks around, topical treatments can be key to relieving the condition. These treatments contain ingredients that lighten problem areas and reduce the appearance of melasma. If further therapy is required, more in-depth procedures can be used. At Cascade Medical Boutique, we offer Pixel Perfect treatments, chemical peels, and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) as part of our Melasma Package.



We are proud to use Epionce, a line of non-prescription products that treat a wide range of cosmetic issues. The methods the product line uses have been heavily researched over the last twenty years and are scientifically proven. Epionce is customizable to your skin type and particular condition. It starts by rebuilding the skin barrier and reducing inflammation, restoring and renewing the vibrancy of your skin and helping to prevent future issues. From there, particular products target your personal skin needs. We are particularly excited about two new products specifically designed to relieve melasma:


715521MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum

MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum is a sulfate- and paraben-free night treatment designed to brighten dark skin spots and create an even complexion. The serum’s key ingredients are natural materials such as mulberry and bamboo. Hydroquinone, the ingredient used in other, harsher brands, is not present in Epionce’s products, reducing the chance of irritation while still maintaining the effectiveness that patients desire. MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum is best used in conjunction with MelanoLyte Tx.






715525MelanoLyte Tx

MelanoLyte Tx clears irregular pigmentation while heavily reducing the possibility of irritation that can occur with the use of other products. When used in conjunction with the Pigment Perfection Serum, Tx produces a more complete complexion clearing result while hydrating the skin. The botanical ingredients are ideal for those with sensitive skin who still need their treatment to be highly effective.