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Laser Technology—the Do-Everything Solution!

Laser technology is closer to a cure-all than many medical treatments and technologies out there. It’s absolutely incredible the amount of fixes lasers can provide, which makes them a smart choice for many cosmetic as well as medical solutions.


On the cosmetic side of things, lasers can remove tattoos, body hair, and varicose and spider veins. When it comes to medical issues, lasers help to treat acne, fungi, lesions, melasma, laser liposuction, and much more. Luckily for our clients, Cascade Medical Boutique offers all these solutions, and encourage you to come to us with specific concerns. We will always do our best to find a personalized treatment plan for your needs.


lasermachineLaser tattoo removal lessens the appearance of unwanted tattoos, and is the most effective way to remove a tattoo.


Laser hair removal is a very popular service, in fact, one of the main things laser technology is known for. Most people can safely undergo laser hair removal and see results after just a few sessions.


Varicose and spider vein removal is the removal of unsightly, unnecessary veins without all the pain of outdated methods such as needles and liquid chemical injections.


Acne can be treated with lasers by introducing blue light which kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces the need for topical or internal medications.


Nail fungus is an embarrassing condition that proves very stubborn to remove, unless, of course, you’re using lasers to treat it. Lasers heat up and kill the fungus with a high effectiveness rate, giving immediate results.


Vascular and pigmented lesions can both be treated with a laser. These skin spots can be merely cosmetic or an early sign of skin cancer, but in either case, it is smart to treat them for your health.


Treating melasma is a many-pronged issue, but lasers can be involved in the treatment plan, pinpointing discoloration without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Laser liposuction is another fantastic medical use for lasers. Getting rid of stubborn fat deposits no longer requires surgical procedures in many cases.


Whether you have one of the above issues, or a separate one that you think may be treated with lasers, we’re here to help. Stop into either our Hillsboro or Tillamook locations, or contact us by email or phone to make an appointment for a consultation. We want to rejuvenate not only your body, but your life!



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