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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular and effective way to get an unwanted tattoo removed with minimal risks and side effects. Pulses of light from the laser break up the color pigment of the tattoo, and over the following weeks, the body’s natural filtering system gets rid of the tattoo’s pigment clusters.


This treatment is most effective on dark colors such as black, blue, and green, for which you can expect to see dramatic results. Several sessions are required to either mostly remove your tattoo for cover-up purposes, or remove it entirely. Laser tattoo removal can lesson the appearance of permanent tattoos done by professionals as well as untrained individuals and give you the type of results you desire.

At Cascade Medical Boutique, we offer complimentary consultations during which we can review our in-house before and after photos, determine a customized treatment plan for your tattoo(s) and discuss price/financing options.

Our priority is to create a clear picture of the treatment process. Each tattoo varies slightly, and seeing it in person is the best way to receive an accurate timeline and cost. We offer discounted prices for packages, affordable single treatment options and let you “feel” the laser with a test spot during the consultation. While we guarantee proven fading of tattoo’s, individual results vary and are dependent on several factors.

Individual results may vary*


Individual results may vary*