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Laser Tattoo Removal: The Best Removal Option

ba-tattoo1It’s a few months into the new year; how are you doing on those resolutions? One resolution we’ve seen many people make is to let go of the past, and a great way to succeed at this is to erase unwanted tattoos with laser technology. Whether your tattoo reminds you of an old ex, or an old band you no longer listen to, we’re here to improve your life (and skin) going forward.


Why does laser tattoo removal work? It may seem like magic, but the results are, of course, grounded in science. The high-intensity beam of the laser heats and breaks up the pigment of the tattoo, allowing the body to then remove the remaining pigment normally. Surprisingly, dark tattoos are easier to remove than lighter, more colorful ones because black pigment absorbs all type of laser wavelengths, as opposed to just certain wavelengths. And good news for those who are thinking about getting rid of that tattoo from twenty years ago: the older a tattoo, the easier it will be to remove. Amateur tattoos (the ones people are most likely to remove) tend to be easier to vanish as well.


We all wish that removing a tattoo could be as simple as getting one in the first place, but unfortunately that technology does not exist yet. For the time being, laser tattoo removal produces the most effective and complete results of any tattoo removal methods, with the least pain overall.


We personalize laser tattoo removal here at the medical boutique depending on your individual skin needs. Variables include longer or shorter intervals between sessions, consideration made for those prone to hypo- or hyperpigmentation, the location of the tattoo, and the need for more or fewer sessions in total. Without a consultation, it is difficult to know what your specific needs are, so be sure to book an appointment with us.


Fall and winter are the best times of the year to get your tattoo removed. The area will need to be covered after each procedure, and if exposed, you will need to wear sunscreen to increase positive results. It’s certainly easier to do this when it’s cold outside!


To move forward with scheduling a consultation, contact Cascade Medical Boutique today. We’d love to work with you to achieve your dream skin!



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