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Juvéderm Ultra Now Indicated For Lips


On October 1st, 2015, Allergan achieved yet another huge milestone in the pharmacosmetic industry. Their long loved product Juvéderm Ultra was FDA approved for injection of the lip and vertical lip lines.
Juvéderm has been a long standing favorite among medical cosmetic practices for it’s exceptionally smooth texture, making it ideal for the lips. However, until now, using it for the lips was considered “off label”.
What does “off label” mean exactly? To put it simply, it’s when a product is used in a way the FDA has not approved, or given instruction for on the product label. About 1 in 5 prescription products are used off label, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe, it’s just not condoned by the FDA.^

Juvéderm Ultra is commonly used in the lip itself, also known as lip augmentation, to create a more full appearance. Contrary to some belief, lip augmentation looks very natural when someone is restoring their lip volume back to that of younger years, or slightly more to achieve the right proportion between top and bottom lips. Then there are the other 20% of people who are aiming for very full, pouty lips. This standard is typically chosen by the person receiving the dermal filler, not the person administering it.Radiance Antonio Before and After
The other indication now FDA approved for Juvéderm Ultra is vertical lip lines. You know, the pesky etched in lines that seem to appear overnight. The ones that create a false perception that someone is a cigarette smoker, even if they’re not. While there are other products indicated for superficial lines such as vertical lip lines, such as Belotero, Juvéderm Ultra has a long history of happy patients and practitioners alike; it will no-undoubtedly be used more and more for such treatments.

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