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  • We are Giving Back to Our Community

    Cascade Medical Boutique Donations

    We have exciting news! We have teamed up with Community Action of Hillsboro to help those in need. We are now a donation site for gently used or new items such as blankets, coats, socks, toiletry items and more. Sign up for our newsletter to get monthly updates on what the current needs are. Tax [...]

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  • The Top Ways to Soothe a Sunburn


    As we all know, prevention is the best way to manage sunburns—after all, if they never happen in the first place, no harm done! But even the best of us are susceptible to neglecting sunscreen, not wearing protective clothing, or accidentally using that sunscreen bottle that expired two years ago.   Sunburns may not seem […]

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  • Exciting New Free Quarterly Seminars!


    As I’m sure our followers have noticed, we have started doing free informal quarterly educational seminars at our Hillsboro clinic.   On June 4th, we featured Bellafill during our first ever seminar. It was a great success and we had a wonderful time telling you all about the benefits of our newest treatment.   Each […]

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  • Useful Tips for Spring 2016!


    Spring is here! It’s warming up in Oregon, and the temperature even reached the 80s for a few days before the rain began again. With spring comes the ability to flaunt your gorgeous skin and body, and we’re here to ensure that your look is ready for the changing seasons.   Mother’s day is approaching […]

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  • Laser Tattoo Removal: The Best Removal Option


    It’s a few months into the new year; how are you doing on those resolutions? One resolution we’ve seen many people make is to let go of the past, and a great way to succeed at this is to erase unwanted tattoos with laser technology. Whether your tattoo reminds you of an old ex, or […]

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  • Bellafill Dermal Filler: Reducing Smile Lines for up to Five Years!


    Introducing Bellafill Permanent Dermal Filler to Cascade Medical Boutique locations! The latest and greatest has finally arrived—a long-term FDA-approved filler option for fixing smile lines, acne scars, aging lines, and other cosmetic issues.   If you’re wondering why this technology wasn’t widely available until now, that’s because it’s been undergoing a five-year safety study by […]

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  • Smartlipo for the New Year!


    The New Year and holiday season gives everyone an equal chance to make positive changes to their health and lifestyles. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is lose weight, and this can sometimes be one of the most difficult resolutions to achieve.   If you’ve been struggling with difficulties reducing stubborn fat, Smartlipo […]

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  • Laser Technology—the Do-Everything Solution!


    Laser technology is closer to a cure-all than many medical treatments and technologies out there. It’s absolutely incredible the amount of fixes lasers can provide, which makes them a smart choice for many cosmetic as well as medical solutions.   On the cosmetic side of things, lasers can remove tattoos, body hair, and varicose and […]

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  • Juvéderm Ultra Now Indicated For Lips

    Cascade Medical Boutique Lip Augmentation

    On October 1st, 2015, Allergan achieved yet another huge milestone in the pharmacosmetic industry. Their long loved product Juvéderm Ultra was FDA approved for injection of the lip and vertical lip lines. Juvéderm has been a long standing favorite among medical cosmetic practices for it’s exceptionally smooth texture, making it ideal for the lips. However, […]

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  • Dermal Filler Replaces Surgical Face Lift

    Cascade Medical Boutique Liquid Face Lift Bellafill

    Last week on Facebook we talked about the various dermal filler products and the areas they are commonly used. The term liquid face lift has gained popularity, but you might wonder what it entails. Lost collagen in the cheeks and temples combined with bone deterioration in the jaw & zygomatic arch causes the face to […]

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  • The Many Benefits of Botox

    botox for men portland oregon

    Botox sometimes gets a bad rap—tabloids and pop culture magazines criticize celebrities for getting Botox, when in reality it is one of the least invasive procedures one can get. Whether you are considering Botox for reducing the appearance of wrinkles or for addressing various medical issues, there are many benefits to this safe and commonly-used […]

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  • Summer Recovery Treatments

    scarf for neck

    School has started! Whether you’re a parent looking for a pick-me-up now that you have a few hours of space with the kids at school, or a college student looking for a rejuvenating breather between stressful tests, we have services for you. At Cascade Medical Boutique, our spa-like atmosphere and professional knowledge and training combine to […]

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  • IPL: Intense Pulsed Light treatments. What is IPL and what does it do?

    Hydrate your skin

    IPL is a little different than laser treatments in that it uses several wavelengths of light at a time, as opposed to just one, focused on the dermis. This allows IPL to treat a wider range of issues than traditional laser therapy, although laser therapy is generally more effective at targeting one major issue in […]

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  • Fading Lingering Skin Issues

    Cascade Medical Boutique, African American Girl Looking in Mirror

    So you’ve finally cured your skin issues with the help of Cascade Medical Boutique—but unfortunately there are leftover scars, marks, or hyperpigmentation. Reminders of past skin problems can be annoying to deal with, but luckily it’s possible to fade or vanish these problems altogether.   Hyperpigmentation is one of the most prevalent leftover issues that […]

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  • Melasma–It’s Treatable!

    Cascade Medical Boutique Brunette Girl on Red Maroon Background

    Melasma is a common skin problem which causes brown patches of discoloration on the face, forearms, chest, and neck which can range from temporary to a lifetime condition. Luckily, melasma does not cause any harmful medical side effects, but many people dislike the way it makes their skin look. Today we are going to talk […]

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  • Your Summer Skincare Packing List

    Cascade Medical Boutique Jane Iredale Lip

    Going on vacation is wonderful, but packing can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing your skincare routine. How much should you bring? Which products? What’s best to leave at home? Here’s a Cascade-curated list that will put your mind at ease.   Epionce Active Shield Lotion SPF 30+ Sunscreen is a non-negotiable packing […]

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  • Your Beauty and Skincare Wedding Schedule

    Cascade Medical Boutique Wedding Bravo Lace Dress

    It’s officially wedding season! Most weddings happen in the summer, which is also a prime time to get some touch-ups. You want to look your most beautiful or handsome for the love of your life, and what better way to do so than at Cascade Medical Boutique? For your benefit, we’ve made a helpful timeline […]

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  • Yes, You Can Erase Sun Damage!

    It’s never too late to start regularly wearing sunscreen, as we all know, but is it too late to erase sun damage that has accumulated over the years? We can address sun damage with several different procedures, reducing the appearance of damage while simultaneously boosting your overall skin health!   Chemical peels are the first […]

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  • How Much do You Know About Your Skin?

    Cascade Medical Boutique Flawless Fair Skin

    We talk a lot about skin (your body’s largest and most visible organ) here because it’s pretty important for many obvious reasons. But how does skin work and what are its main functions? Let’s delve into a bit of a science lesson for today’s blog.   The main function of skin is protection. It protects […]

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunscreen

    Sunscreen season is upon us! Well, let’s be honest, every day is a sunscreen day, but summer is a great time to raise awareness for healthy sunscreen habits. Here are some things to do and some things to not do to start out the season on a great foot.   Don’t:   Make your own […]

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  • Services That Will Make Your Summer Beautiful

    Bikini LHR

    Swimsuit season is coming up! Some of us take a break during the colder months and don’t pay much mind to the parts of us covered in pants and a sweater, but as the weather gets warmer and warmer, it becomes time to take care of you and your awesome body! Here are some suggestions […]

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  • Five Popular Beauty Trends of 2015

    Trends come and go, but here are some skincare trends for 2015 that we found interesting.   1. Korean skincare We’ve discussed the pros and cons of an Asian skin routine in a past blog, and now we’re back to say that it’s a trend that’s here to stay! Although we might not want to […]

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  • Juvederm and Voluma: Miracle Fillers


      Juvederm is an amazing treatment that smooths away wrinkles and lines on the face, resulting in younger-looking skin. We love Juvederm because of the great results that occur after a very easy, noninvasive procedure.   Juvederm is an injectable gel filler; this means there are no incisions and no downtime. The procedure can be […]

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  • Spring and Summer 2015 Makeup Trends


    Do you love exploring new makeup looks? Then this blog may be for you. Every season, the powers that be come up with new trends. Seen mainly on runway models at first, these trends tend to trickle down to be worn as everyday makeup by the average woman. (Though we know you’re anything but average!) […]

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  • Ignore those DIY Treatments and Visit a Medical Spa Instead


    Every day, we see our friends and contacts post DIY solutions to various issues, from building a deck, to fixing a skincare problem. Many of these do-it-yourself guides sound tempting, and they often contain ingredients easily found in your home or at the grocery store. Unfortunately, a lot of these guides have not been scientifically […]

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  • Smartlipo: the Smart Choice


    You’d think our high-stress, high-activity lives would lead to slimness in all areas of our bodies, but in fact, it can contribute to weight gain and other health issues, and when these issues become too much of an obstacle to a happy life, laser liposuction—or body contouring—is an option for many people. Some fat deposits […]

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  • Don’t Let a Vacation Ruin your Skincare Routine


    Spring break has come and gone for most people, but the opportunity to go on vacation can happen any time. Traveling is stressful in many ways, but one stressor in particular is the question of what to do about your skincare routine.   All your little daily routines can fall by the wayside when your […]

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  • Epionce’s New Preferred Shopper Program and how it Benefits You!


    Epionce is one of our favorite skincare lines, and not just because the products work so effectively! Epionce also does a lot to make skincare penetrate deeper under the skin, creating results that start from underneath and result in outside beauty. With a focus on strengthening the skin barrier and preventing future issues from cropping […]

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  • How Botox Can Help Reduce Migraines


    As we’ve been exploring in past blogs, Botox has a variety of uses—it’s not just for clearing up forehead wrinkles, as many people assume, and in fact has several medical uses. The injection can prevent sweat glands from working overtime for those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat), relieve urinary incontinence or muscle spasms, and more. A […]

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  • ClearLift: This is the Procedure for You!


    Alma’s ClearLift is an arguably miraculous procedure that requires no recovery time, anesthesia, or aftercare for the patient. The procedure uses lasers to target underneath the outer layer of skin (the dermis), meaning that results are more than superficial, and really do work from the inside out.   ClearLift can treat any number of facial […]

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