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Bellafill Dermal Filler: Reducing Smile Lines for up to Five Years!

Introducing Bellafill Permanent Dermal Filler to Cascade Medical Boutique locations! The latest and greatest has finally arrived—a long-term FDA-approved filler option for fixing smile lines, acne scars, aging lines, and other cosmetic issues.


bellafillwordsIf you’re wondering why this technology wasn’t widely available until now, that’s because it’s been undergoing a five-year safety study by the FDA, which is now completed. The lengthy testing was done to ensure the long-term safety of the product, considering the long-term results patients will be seeing. To read more about the study, click here.


Bellafill is a simple, in-office treatment with little downtime, and the best part is that you won’t have to continuously repeat these treatments once every few months. Bellafill can last for up to five years, in comparison to many other types of fillers that last only three months to a year.


Wrinkles can be caused by many factors, and one of the most common is simply the process of aging. Time and gravity can cause sagging or sliding and loss of volume, as we know. Bellafill can not only reduce these lines, but can also address repetitive movement lines that result from frowning or other facial movements. This works similarly for acne scars, of which Bellafill is proven to help fill out rolling or wide facial scars.


How does Bellafill work, and what’s the process like? Bellafill is an injectable, like most fillers, which adds volume to smile lines and other issues using collagen and PMMA, both of which are ingredients biologically compatible with the human body. Collagen is a protein already present in the body, but which has medical uses ranging from wound care to reconstructive uses. PMMA has many uses besides medical ones, but its compatibility with the body makes it useful for things such as cataract surgery, orthopedic surgery, and of course, cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic uses.


The PMMA ensures that the injected collagen is supported, and that your own body’s collagen keeps producing. This is the main difference between Bellafill and other fillers; Bellafill is not static. It restores rather than simply refills.


Not only do the results start appearing instantly, but the results will stay for five years, which is an unprecedented amount of time for fillers. Rejuvenate your skin with the youthful appearance you desire.


If you feel you’d be a good fit for this incredible procedure, contact us at either our Hillsboro or Tillamook locations, and we’ll work up a plan for your filler needs! Don’t forget, we also offer short-term fillers such as Botox and Juvederm if you would prefer.



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