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Meet Our Team - About Us

RonTeedHeadshotRon Teed, MD

Dr. Ron Teed brings over twenty years of medical precision and expertise to Cascade Medical Boutique. Dr. Teed is a graduate of Oregon Health & Science University, and was a surgeon in the Navy stationed at 29 Palms, California from 1991–93 in the Gulf War. He served overseas in Sicily as an orthopedic surgeon from 1997–99. Beyond his credentials, Dr. Teed is a compassionate, committed surgeon who has care and love for each and every patient. The creation and development of Cascade Medical Boutique came from the deep passion and commitment Dr. Teed has for patient care.  Dr. Ron Teed builds from the foundation up and works to create a pleasant and health-focused environment for all patients at Cascade Medical Boutique. Due to his specialty (and first love) of orthopedic surgery, he works hard to build the full-body health of each of his patients (even in Cascade Medical Boutique’s cosmetic realm). Focusing on medical care in a cosmetic environment, Dr. Teed works to create a pleasant and health-focused environment for all of his patients.  Dr. Teed firmly believes that it is never too early to start improving your health. He uses a holistic focus coupled with conditioning, health, and cosmetic expertise, to comprise his practice’s overall foundation. It is Dr. Teed’s passion and mission to join internal health and cosmetic services for a long-term relationship investing in the overall well-being of each and every patient.

About Us - Josh Watson, ORT, SA-CJoshua Watson, ORT, SA-C

Joshua Watson has worked closely with Dr. Teed for many years in cosmetics, radiology, and orthopedic care. A dedicated member of the staff, he served in the military as a Navy hospital corpsman from 1992-96. He also worked at OHSU as the lead orthopedic tech from 1998-2001.

About Us - Darcy Nielson, MADarcy Nielson, Cosmetic Injector and Certified Medical Assistant

Darcy Nielson has been with our team since early 2014. She worked closely and trained with Dr. Anil Rajani,MD, owner of RajaniMD and Style Aesthetics for several years. Since 2008 she has provided her patient’s with exceptional care and results, with an even longer history in customer service. Her artistic eye and steady hand have her patient’s raving about their dermal filler and botox experience. She truly cares about each patient she has the opportunity to work with. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter.


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